Trump Slams Obama Over Baton Rouge

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Donald Trump waited less than one hour to attack President Obama for his remarks about the slain law enforcement officers in Baton Rouge.

In his remarks about the murder of two police officers and a sheriff’s deputy, Trump tweeted as follows:

President Obama just had a news conference, but he doesn’t have a clue. Our country is a divided crime scene, and it will only get worse!
5:26 PM – 17 Jul 2016

Our country is totally divided and our enemies are watching. We are not looking good, we are not looking smart, we are not looking tough!

5:22 PM – 17 Jul 2016



  1. Trump to the rescue. A bar tab in one hand and his wallet in the next.

    Seriously, if he belches his hate through this election, how will we protect this new Generation Z future of the children who are watching and staring at the most obscene man in modern human political future?

    Can we cancel this RNC convention? Would think that the Muppets would be better to watch.

    Crass and violent. The eyes and arcuate mood of a madman. He has not seen any creative value and has no sense of G-d given humor.

    A joke for Trump is discussing the Walls of the Attic in his Casino and telling you that they have great bats.

    That is special. I hope we do not get terror rabies either.


  2. Can’t argue with the Donald on this one. Note how DeBlasio is suddenly silent on all these murder of police officers. Is it because he’s feeding Dante the same hate that Obama is?

  3. Trump should be ashamed of himself for politicizing the cold blooded murder of police officers.

    But we already knew Trump had no shame.

  4. ” DeBlasio is suddenly silent on all these murder of police officers”

    Not true; he commented twice yesterday; once on the radio and once at an event in Staten Island.

    Trump, however, is politicizing the cold blooded murder of police officers while suggesting nothing to prevent them in the future.


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