Trump Sporting More Natural Gray Hairdo Amid The Pandemic

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As the rest of the nation endures missed appointments with their hairdressers and beauticians, President Trump has also started sporting a more natural look.

At a briefing in the Rose Garden on Tuesday, the president emerged from the Oval Office with his signature pompadour exhibiting a distinctly more silver-gray hue.

Trump, 74, is renowned for his year-round tan and intricately coiffed mop of blond hair have demanded as much examination by the media as his stance toward China. Read more at the NY Post.



  1. Moon pear. The gold is colder but the bickering moon crazy.

    Could Lincoln just have botched the Civil war? Not quite. But Trump will go back to make America Great again. Washington and Adams, you are up. We can not settle that the beard guys did it better.

    Snark sure. No hat on the president will match the years.

  2. They would never have the guts to write this about Obama.

    • Huh? Everybody noticed and wrote at length about the black hair of Obama turning grey not long after he became President.


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