Trump Supporters Face String Of Attacks In Run-Up To Election Day

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The Trump campaign called out “unprovoked violence” against the president’s supporters in recent weeks after a string of attacks ranging from New York City to San Francisco.

“No one should be attacked for peacefully showing their support of the president, and all Americans, regardless of their political affiliation, should be disgusted by this type of unprovoked violence,” a Trump campaign spokesperson told Fox News on Tuesday.

The statement comes after a family of seven — including four children — said they were pepper-sprayed by counterprotesters on Sunday while participating in a pro-Trump vehicle caravan in New York City.

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  1. I went to vote yesterday and was yelled after and cursed. I found it amusing, here the tolerant left was agressing and harassing the intolerant conservative. Seems like the shoe is on the wrong foot.

    Another interesting story the horrible left reminds me of. “Emperor’s New Clothes” by Hans Christian Andersen. Where everybody was pretending they could see the magnificent new clothes the emperor was wearing (only smart people were able to see), till one kid said, why, the emperor has no clothes! Then slowly everybody admitted they cant either see it.

    The protestors are peaceful we are told. The alt right is the problem (well while they are indeed a problem in this round of violence it was antifa committing the violence). CNN, chris Wallace and all the horrible enablers worked very hard to spin the talking points away from our issue towards condemning the alt right.

    Like with the emperor everybody honest will vote trump and the self proclaimed smart will insist only they see the truth.

  2. The next Trump car parade should have several pickup trucks with big dogs to chase down any egg throwers. Also bring pepper spray if anyone try’s to come close to your car. I was at the one that passed through manhattan but I didn’t see any violence. Most of the fights were between a pro Trump rally earlier by a non jewish group and these lefty Antifas. By the time most of us drove by with the hundreds of cars all was quiet. They should have every fifth car be a pick up Truck with guys ready to fight. You have to use techniques in this war. Some people have their flags hanging in front of their homes. I put flags way up high on telephone poles around my block with a twenty foot ladder. The Trump flag in front of my house is dipped with honey so if anyone tries to steal it they will get their hands pretty messy. I have other secret tricks but I won’t post it here.

    • There was a story in the news a few weeks ago: some guy hid some razors or barbed wire into a Trump sign on his own front yard, because the previous signs were stolen. It was this guy’s town employee who tried to steal the sign, and went crying to his mommy for cutting his hands. Who knows if the sign owner, who dared to defend his property and his right to speak up, is going to be prosecuted, while the socialist-fascist thief will walk away free. It isn’t just the violent street-thugs who are against us, but it is the full weight of the “justice” system who are backing-up the thugs and throwing a book at us.


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