Trump Surging As Election Day Nears

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President Donald Trump is surging down the stretch, closing Joe Biden’s national lead to just 4.8 percentage points and the battleground margin to just 3 points and within the margin of error, according to the latest Investor’s Business Daily/TIPP poll.

Most notably, according to the poll, Trump has gained on Biden with 48% of the Hispanic vote and 13% of the Black vote; Trump had just 8% of the Black vote in 2016.

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  1. If he won ALL battleground states (Pa. with philly,pgh,harrisburg;Ohio with cle,cin,col;Fla.with miami,orl;N.Carolina with charlotte:Michigan with det flint;Wis with mil,etc) in 2016 despite getting 8% of black & hispanic vote why if getting much more black & hispanic votes this time would he be trailing 5-10 points?? makes no sense!! sheker v’chazav like everything leftists say!! Trump and red in a landslide!!!!!!

    • Trump is clearly planning to try to stop the count to prevent those early votes from being counted. That is what totalitarian dictators do.

  2. RCP poll average is now Biden +7.2. RCP poll average was Biden +7.2 on October 1.

    538 poll average is now Biden +8.6. It was Biden +8.2 on October 1.

    I have never seen a presidential campaign with as little movement in the polls as this.


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