Trump Tells Iowa DeSantis Is ‘Globalist Sellout’

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During his campaign visit to Iowa, Former President Donald Trump criticized Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, his primary competitor for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, by labeling him a “globalist sellout.” Addressing a packed crowd at the Mid-American Center in Council Bluffs, located near the Nebraska border, Trump warned that if DeSantis were to win the GOP nomination and become president, farmers in Iowa would face dire consequences.

Expressing his concerns, Trump stated, “Nebraska and Iowa farmers would endure disastrous consequences if DeSantis were to assume the presidency. DeSanctus, as I like to call him, is an advocate of globalization, aligning himself with the ideologies of Paul Ryan and Karl Rove. He is heavily influenced by Wall Street donors associated with the Club for No Growth.”

Trump specifically targeted the Club for Growth, a conservative political organization that has had a strained relationship with the former president since the 2022 midterm elections but maintains warmer ties with DeSantis. Trump added, “I also have another name for them: the Club for China Growth. They harbor significant animosity towards me. If given the chance, they would offshore every American farming job. This is precisely what Ron DeSanctimonious desires. Such a scenario would be utterly catastrophic for this state and neighboring regions.”

Furthermore, Trump vehemently criticized DeSantis for his opposition to ethanol fuel, a key product derived from corn, which is essential to Iowa’s agriculture. During his time as a congressman in 2017, DeSantis co-sponsored the Renewable Fuel Standard Elimination Act, which aimed to eradicate the Clean Air Act provisions mandating the use of ethanol in gasoline for automobiles and trucks. However, the legislation never advanced to a vote on the House floor.

Trump expressed his dissatisfaction, asserting, “For years, he has fought against this vital industry that supports countless jobs. Eliminating the renewable fuel standard was one of his primary objectives as a member of Congress. If he had his way, Iowa’s economy would collapse entirely. DeSanctus went as far as slandering the ethanol mandate as ‘socialism’ and promoted his destructive plan to decimate Iowa’s farming industry as if it were an obvious choice.”

Highlighting another point of contention, Trump claimed that DeSantis opposed tariffs on Chinese goods, which he argued resulted in a $28 billion benefit for American farmers. Trump boldly stated, “While DeSanctus stood with the communists in China, I stood with the American farmers.”



    • Chutzpah to talk like this to the current POTUS. Even to the fake president Biden a Yid shouldn’t talk like this.


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