Trump Tells Mattis He Is 100 Percent Behind Him After ‘Democrat’ Jab

Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis is shown on Capitol Hill in Washington on January 9, 2018. MUST CREDIT: Washington Post photo by Melina Mara

U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said President  Trump has reassured him of his full support after the Republican president described his Pentagon chief as “sort of a Democrat” who could leave the administration.

Mattis, speaking to reporters before landing in Vietnam on Tuesday, said he received the reassurance from Trump in a phone call during his nearly 20-hour flight from Washington.

“(Trump) said, ‘I’m 100 percent with you’,” Mattis recounted, playing down Trump’s remarks to CBS’ “60 Minutes,” which suggested that Mattis may be on his way out.

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  1. Work it forward Mr. President. We think we can help you with the horrible malaria of this DNC. Its bad enough we see our tired kids rotting out today.

    Mosquito wit to destroy a swamp. We must not have the bite of the abominable.



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