Trump Threatens Lawsuit Over Lost Delegates

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Maneuvers by Ted Cruz’s campaign that would allow the Texas senator to walk away with 10 more delegates from the Louisiana presidential primary than the state’s top vote-getter, Donald Trump, may end up in court.

The GOP frontrunner, who won the state by 3.6 percentage points on March 5, declared Sunday on Twitter that because Cruz’s camp is legally using its organizational sway to take away extra delegates, he might have to bring a lawsuit.

“Just to show you how unfair Republican primary politics can be, I won the state of Louisiana and get less delegates than Cruz,” Trump wrote. “Lawsuit coming.” Read more at WBRZ.



  1. Trumpty Dumpty had a big mouth
    Trumpty Dumpty’s polls headed South
    When he saw his numbers he felt so blue
    He searched high and low for someone to sue

    “Make me the big cheese, The Donald for Prez!”
    That’s what this megalomaniac says
    He thinks he’s so smart, yet can’t seem to dig it
    Americans don’t want a Prez who’s a bigot

    The Don or Ms. Clinton, such wonderful choices
    Corruption and bigotry raise up their voices
    This time around I can’t vote with my head
    The sensible choice is to stay home in bed


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