Trump To Romney: Release Tax Returns When Obama Releases College Records

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trump1Billionaire businessman and Mitt Romney supporter Donald Trump said Monday morning that the GOP nominee should release more of his tax returns – as soon as President Obama releases his college records.

“Obama should give his college applications and records – you talk about transparency,” Mr. Trump said on “Fox and Friends.” “We will learn more about Obama when we look at those college applications than any other thing that can happen.”

White House spokesman Jay Carney last week dismissed the issue as “preposterous,” labeling it “the Donald Trump question.”

“This is from the guy who insisted that he didn’t believe the president was born in the United States,” Mr. Carney said.

Nevertheless, Mr. Trump said Republicans should keep pushing on the issue.

“If I were Mitt Romney or advising Mitt Romney, I would say, ‘I will put out all of my records, I’ll go back as far as you want, after you put out your records on college,'” he said.

“I’ll tell you what – the Republicans have to get a lot tougher,” he continued. “They have to get down and dirty also, because that’s what’s happening to them.”


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  1. I have no issue of Mr. Obama releases his grades, but in reality, Obama GRADUATED from those programs whereby Mr. Romney has not gained the trust of the voters. Either way, This is a foolish example of Mr. Trump’s lack of simple dignity and an efficient way of taxation against the common good.

  2. Sorry Mr Donald the collage records of someone will have no effect on how people will vote. But if someone is a crook people will not vote for him/her. Not releasing tax returns when running for high level like president is something that crooks do.

  3. Sen John McCain released only 2 years of tax returns. Sen John Kerry the Democratic release only 2 years of tax returns despite his wife having a net worth of hundreds of millions of dollars with vast holdings. There was no issue with that. Why treat Romney differently? The Democrats just want to dig and dig and torture Romney.They will stop at nothing even concoct false stories as we have seen recently. Obama has lied all the way through life and gets a free pass. What a world!

  4. the point of the transcripts is that there remain lots of questions about oblameo. of course the uber left wont want to hear about it, but dems the facts.

    either way, obama MUST go!

  5. I disagree. Romney should not get down and dirty. Until now, Romney has been getting his message out about his future policies if elected. All Obama has been doing is throwing dirt on Romney, dirt that is mostly just lint that easily washes off, ideas that are misleading, false, and dishonest. Every time Obama speaks, a new lie comes falling out of his mouth.
    And when Obama wants to talk about policy he just promises the people more of the same from the last 3 years, and we know what those have done for us.


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