Trump to Speak on All Four Nights of RNC

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Breaking with another tradition of American politics, President Donald Trump will speak on all four nights of the upcoming Republican National Convention (RNC), The New York Times reported over the weekend.

It has been a long-time practice that a party’s presidential candidate gives only a major acceptance speech on the last night to climax the convention.

This change in the usual procedure comes on the heels of the recent announcement that some of the RNC’s events will be hosted at the White House, which has been criticized by critics as unethical because presidents have not traditionally used the venue for campaign events, according to Business Insider.

The Times reported that Trump plans to speak every night of the RNC, because he “wants the opportunity to rebut charges made against him throughout the Democratic program, aides said, particularly on his handling of the coronavirus crisis.”

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  1. A guy like Trump would be better off not speaking every night.

    Maybe his trusted son in law can teach some Chazal like

    B’Rov Devorim Lo Yechdal Pesha

    Sayug L’Chochma Shtika.


    • If only you’d accomplish 10% of what President Trump did. Which is why klal Yisroel should have groupS 24 hours a day praying for his continued success, siyatta Dishmaya, health and protection. Many chareidim indeed daven for President Trump daily, but we should all, even those who are still have no idea what the Greatest President of the US did.

      • “If only you’d accomplish 10% of what President Trump did. ”

        Trump has no real accomplishments as President other than a massive tax cut for his fellow rich folks.

        Unless you consider the highest unemployment since the Great Depression and over 170,000 dead Americans to be an accomplishment.

        The Greatest President of the United States might have been George Washington. Or Abraham Lincoln. Trump is clearly the worst President since James Buchanan.


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