Trump Tweets About Massive Winter Storm, Mocks Global Warming

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President Trump in an early morning tweet on Sunday suggested global warming could be helpful as a massive snowstorm dropped several inches of snow and sent temperatures plunging across the Midwest and swaths of the Northeast United States.

“Be careful and try staying in your house,” Trump advised. “Large parts of the Country are suffering from tremendous amounts of snow and near record setting cold. Amazing how big this system is. Wouldn’t be bad to have a little of that good old fashioned Global Warming right now!”

The president, who has repeatedly cast doubt on the existence and effects of climate change, has regularly cited significant winter storms to mock the concept of global warming. He sent similar tweets in 2017 and 2011.

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  1. This is what this country needs a constant reminder of the garage scientists feed us.

    Man made global warming is one of the biggest money making hoax scientists and politicians have sold to the masses.

  2. Those who believe global warming is a hoax sound just as ignorant as anti vaxxers, who believe the medical community is trying to fool us all. The frum community follows Rush Limbaugh and his pals like sheep. If Rush would be an anti vaxxer, the whole frum community would also be.

    • And intelligent sheeple like you surely believe that Bin Laden with his magical hands was able to shoot up some aluminum planes to bring down 2 humongous steel buildings in about 1.5 hours to ground zero; were able to have passengers call home in middle of flying (18 years ago); JFK was assassinated by a weirdo and that NASA was so advanced 50 years ago that they were already able to send and receive messages from the moon and had the ability to send a UFO to take photos from their astronaut’s first step on the moon.

    • Who needs Rush Limbaugh to tell you it’s a hoax? You have to be a first-class idiot to believe otherwise. Do you live underground that you don’t see what’s happening outdoors? You must be an ostrich that believes everything fake news and the “medical” community are trying to shove down your throat.

  3. Just for the record, rav avigdor miller ztl was asked about global warming in 1999-2000 when gore was making a raash over it; his response, written in the artscroll book “rabbi miller speaks” was that global warming is a “conspiracy of the liberals”

    The motivation to do so is obvious; scientists are almost all liberals. Liberals believe in globalism and massive regulations on big business..what bigger business is there than the automotive, electric, etc.. fields which are under attack from climate change laws? And what better way to promote globalism than getting the whole world together to “save the world”?

    The scientific community is not infallible, and much has been written about the pretentiousness and biases in peer reviewed journals. Having a healthy dose of skepticism does not lead to headsrong, irresponsible “anti vaxxing” or otherwise relying on one’s own thinking over a doctor’s.

    There is a mitzvah of venishmartem, to guard one’s health….nowheere are we told that our survival depends on environmentalism.

    when it comes to doomsday theorists, we know that Hashem is in charge, and that if there truly is a danger, our response is teshuva and tefila, not “going green”.

  4. why don’t you all do some research before making stupid comments. you all sound like homeless people arguing about real estate. the debate isn’t if global warming is happening its if humans are causing it to happen.

    by the way trump only says what he says to get free TV time and doesn’t actually mean what he says. are you all to stupid to figure that out

  5. Tell the wicked Al Gore to cut back on his electric usage in his Tennessee compound. $1500 a month is a little high for someone so concerned about global warming and climate change.

  6. Scientists said a long time ago that climate change involes extreme temperatures and weather, not just warming. Trump is wrong on this one.

  7. Oh Hashem. You created the heavens and earth. We do not know who to love. Do you plan us a big wall? Will Donald the Great succeed? We daven.

    Hard story. I have no idea.

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