Trump Tweets Photo Of Himself Wearing A Mask

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President Trump on Monday tweeted for the first time a photograph of himself wearing a mask and described the practice as a patriotic act amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“We are United in our effort to defeat the Invisible China Virus, and many people say that it is Patriotic to wear a face mask when you can’t socially distance,” Trump tweeted Monday afternoon, referring to the coronavirus, which the president regularly points out originated in Wuhan, China.

“There is nobody more Patriotic than me, your favorite President!” he added.

Trump for months resisted wearing a mask in public before donning one during a trip to Walter Reed less than two weeks ago. The picture tweeted by the president on Monday was taken during that trip and shows Trump wearing a mask decorated with a presidential seal.

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    Not all Americans get their news from newsmax, washington examiner and fox. He is polling poorly on handling virus. He is beginning press conf. Again on the virus to show “he has it under control”. Trump is mistaken if he thinks Americans like to see their citizens tear gassed and kidnapped off the streets bec. Of protesting. Gorsuch is a libertarian like many other Republicans. When mike pence says There is a threat to what America stands for, he is right, but it is not Biden it is Trump.
    Lincoln project are Republicans and understand the electorate.

    The Russian one shows how Russia achieved succes because he has America turning on itself. You see it on Matzav on how peope express their opinions,

    Lincoln project members did not abandon their conservative ideal or patriotism.


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