Trump Unfamiliar With ‘Brexit’ Term

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In a newly published interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump seemed unaware of the term “Brexit”—the popular shorthand for the United Kingdom’s potential withdrawal from the European Union.

During the discussion, Trump interviewer Michael Wolff asked: “And Brexit? Your position?” The candidate’s response: “Huh?” Wolff then repeated “Brexit” for Trump, who reportedly replied “Hmmm.”

When Wolff explained he was referring to the potential for Britain’s exit from the EU, Trump replied, “Oh yeah, I think they should leave,” echoing a position he’s held for several months.

The GOP nominee has long done business in the U.K. and will visit Scotland to reopen his Turnberry golf resort on the same day of the Brexit vote results. Read more at The Hollywood Reporter.



  1. Take this one down folks. Trump is not the job and reply right by human public interest. He knows no politics outside the bar room and his ale is stale.

    Focused bad guy for history. Crooked Hillary slogans are more important thzn even an hour a day to read the Wall Street Journal. If you love this man, count your tax money. He will offer you area 53 to see if the margians are greater than the American budget. Still, Trump makes sense on only one topic. Microphones can be gaudy. Job number one: know the issues. Trump is a D student taking calculus to clean up his botched ego before he drops out of college.

    He has no mind, factored lost edges and he is a gross dream of every poor need of good blessing that has no form.

    Daughter knows tznuis… father knows debutantes. Is this not the most perverse dilemma ever seen? Even the reform families eating bad food are cuter than Trump with a bad hotel bill out night hate. This is gashmius and intolerance for all. He willchange the pledge of allegiance to love your political leader and favor his rich job nip. The respect for G-d is truant.

    Gold and gut hate. Just what History taught us the nazis prefered to dreams.

    Bold to nod. Mad to think.

    Brexit? Its just a gain better lost. UK should stay in. The dollar will be jeopardized.

    Hotels are not jolted nightly call rooms. Your doctors on call will never see the taxes due faster if Trump is elected. Kids will have to cry to more pediatricians because of broken noses and bruised arms. Kiss Trumps golden joy. He is going to leave America in dhambles.

    Give me credit. I already read 5 stories at least on Brexit and still do not know what in or out easy for the dilemma. No mind knows quick answer easy hope on this. Miss the mark, xenophobia easy… killing the day rude. Great presidential material. My bus boy at the restaurant might be a more capable leader in 15 years. Mock Liberty and some tight j-rk like me has to spend 10 minutes typing political mockery for sake of good government and good hope. Miss it yet? I have been busy these days on matzav. Astounding.

    Sorry guys. This is not even a rant.

    Jittery eyes see terror.

  2. #2 I can’t understand the meaning of one word you wrote, you worry about him not knowing the meaning of one word?


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