Trump Uses Israelis To Open Investigation Into Iran Deal Supporters


Aides to President Trump reportedly hired an Israeli private intelligence firm to dig up compromising information on two of former President Obama’s foreign policy officials in an attempt to discredit the Iran nuclear agreement, according to reports obtained by UK newspaper The Observer and published in The Guardian.

The Observer reports that Trump officials contacted the firm and directed it to find compromising personal information on former deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes and Colin Kahl, Vice President Biden’s national security adviser.

Both individuals played key roles in the 2015 “Iran deal,” and sources claimed that Trump’s team contacted the Israeli firm just after Trump’s 2017 visit to Israel.


Read more at The Hill.



  1. Even little I know that this deal was the mother of all corruption and kickbacks. Certainly the democrats are getting a share in the billion dollar contracts that Iran signed with Boeing planes and other European companies. The firm seems to be hired to find show the trail of money ending up in the Democratic Party and the deal makers. Former president orbamya sent the over a billion in cold cash on pallets. What רשעים!!!!!!!!


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