Trump Uses Magen Dovid in Clinton Attack

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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has triggered anger and confusion after inexplicably using a Magen Dovid in a tweet mocking Hillary Clinton today.

Trump sent out an image of Clinton with the caption “Most Corrupt Candidate Ever” inside a red six-pointed star.

Social media users immediately pointed out that the star seemed to be a Magen Dovid, apparently prompting Trump to redo the image. He quickly tweeted a new version without the six-pointed star, but he has yet to comment on the blunder. Read more at The Hill.



  1. Had this been anyone else you would have written the headline something like “Clinton tweets anti-semetic magen david” you are corrupt in your endorsement of him

  2. This does not look like an intentional Jewish star but simply a star image. Does it make sense that Donald would allow and anti Semitic image considering that his daughter is Jewish?

  3. really? come on. you anti trump guys are really reaching here. maybe he was making fun of sheriffs or astronomers? or maybe Hollywood stars? or maybe he just took a random shape from clip art? i doubt a pro israel guy with a jewish daughter and son in law would be purposely anti semitic.

    • Doesn’t mean someone on staff isnt antisemetic. And if thats who he surrounds him self then make your own conclusions

  4. The comments from “tzoorba” and “noyfb” are probably correct; like tzoorba says: “This does not look like an intentional Jewish star but simply a star image,” which countless times are drawn as a six point one. People in the media are making a big deal out of what is probably nothing.

  5. Dream on Trump. You can not put up a jewish star to imply that all jewish eyes hate Hillary too.

    That is the new hate tactic. Make an impression to call the world to your cause by affiliating your focus with the preference and opinion of the jews. It is like a reverse tattoo from the holocaust. Rebrand the shame and apply the interest that your claim is right because a jew would agree with you.

    Many jews do not at all like Trump. He is only attracting the eyes that have impudent hate for the feelings of other faces that are seeming threatening to our own hope to live without arab hate antisemitism. This is not forward support of America as the melting pot and makes antisemitism hate terror worse.

    Still, this is a sign of the times. The Star of David appeals now instead of disposes. But instead of having respect for the faith of David, they permute it to support their hate slave minded forum.

    Witness more antisemitism and more hate. The enemy is not done showing humanity how low terror can drive our fate.

    Trump is drama and hate. His message is not America.

  6. And now it turns out that the entire image – Hillary, the Magen David, the $$$$ bills and the wording – were lifted from an anti-Semitic website.
    Trump and his breathtakingly incompetent campaign aren’t merely shooting him in the foot, they’re machine-gunning it, toe by toe.


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