Trump: ‘Very Stupid’ Billionaire Will Regret Going Against Me

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Donald Trump has responded with intense anger to a dated report suggesting that a Charles Koch-funded organization amassed over $70 million to hinder his prospective 2024 presidential campaign.

In a rather vehement manner, the former president expressed his displeasure on Truth Social, dubbing Charles Koch, the prominent billionaire donor and globalist, as “Very stupid, awkward, and highly overrated.”

He also shared a June article pertaining to the efforts of Americans for Prosperity Action. Trump pointedly remarked, “He said his best years were the four years during the Trump Administration, and now his people are aimlessly throwing away other people’s money. Watch what happens to Charles Koch!”

The New York Times, back in June, reported that the overarching objective of the Koch network was “to stop Mr. Trump from winning the Republican nomination” in the forthcoming 2024 primary elections.



  1. Mr. Narcissist, just for the record, very few real billionaires are stupid!
    Um, well, Mr.Trump, look in the mirror and you might see one! I have a question for you: Have you controlled yourself from blurting out a comment that came to your mind. Have you any self control? You lost the election in 2020 because you couldn’t shut your mouth.

  2. Jacques
    Careful what you say. He might not have self mouth control but look at what went up against. You try doing what he dealt with. Self created or not. That is not why he lost. He didn’t lose , it was rigged and people can’t accept the truth. His numbers were up at midnight on election night and then everything stopped. You know why it stopped Because all the stupid dems saw what was happening and couldn’t see the finale.


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