Trump Wants to Make the GOP Convention More Geshmak

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Donald Trump says that he wants to liven up the upcoming Republican National Convention to prevent a repeat of last one, reports Mark Hensch for THE HILL.

“The last convention was the lowest rated convention in the history of the convention,” he said of the 2012 event in Tampa on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360.” “I would like to add something that would make people happy. Ultimately it has to be more about ideas than exciting, because it’s the ideas that matter,” the presumptive GOP presidential nominee added. “That, to me, is more exciting than making the convention more exciting.”

Trump said that an invigorating convention is necessary because of the current mood he said hangs over the country.

“Our country is very depressed,” he said. “President Obama has not done a good job in terms of promoting our country, in terms of being a cheerleader. Everybody is fighting, whether it is black versus white or rich versus poor. I think we’ll get it changed. I think we’ll change it rapidly.”




  1. Hiccups for Trump would make The Convention Geshmak. There is probably nothing else natural about this guy.

    Scary to think any of the red neck hillbillies and any G-d forbid jewish souls actually like this guy.

    I could be more certain that the Watergate Film Festival would be more popular to Nixon than Trump would be popular to American Liberal intelligent minds. He is perverse and horrifying.



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