Trump Wants to Review Classified Docs for His Case at Mar-a-Lago

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Donald Trump doesn’t want to leave Mar-a-Lago to review discovery materials—including the classified documents he’s accused of illegally hoarding–at an existing government SCIF.

The thrice-indicted former president requested permission, via his lawyers, to grant him a special exception.

In a court filing on Wednesday, Trump attorney Todd Blanche argued that getting Trump to a SCIF in the area to review evidence would “require several hours of travel each way from his residence to the… location,” and would pose onerous “security issues.” Instead, Trump would like to “re-establish a restricted area” within his Florida resort his legal team says is left over from his presidency, and promises it will provide a space for document review “in a manner that is consistent with government security protocols.” Read more at U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida.


  1. Trump Seeks To Review Classified Docs For His Case In Biden’s Garage
    Donald Trump’s defense attorneys on Wednesday asked a federal judge to allow the former president to review classified documents pertaining to his upcoming trial in Joe Biden’s Delaware Garage.
    “Mr. Trump is fearful of reviewing the classified documents at his Mar-a-Lago residence,” the former President’s lawyers said, “because he is fully aware that the Feds can raid Mar-a-Lago at any time of the day and disturb his concentration. Mr. Trump would like to seclude himself in Mr. Biden’s highly secure Delaware garage, where no one will disturb him and where Biden was known to hoard classified documents. Additionally, Mr. Trump believes that Mr. Biden would not have kept classified documents inside his garage unless the place was 100% secure from foreign agents, and from pesky rodents.”
    Mr. Biden has reportedly given the thumbs up for Mr. Trump to rent the garage from him, but not before Mr. Biden clears out the garage from all the documents he has hoarded over the years.


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