Trump Warns Israel: Stop Announcing New Settlements

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Is the honeymoon over that fast? The Jerusalem Post reports that the White House warned Israel today in a surprising statement to stop settlement announcements that are “unilateral” and “undermining” of President Donald Trump’s effort to forge Middle East peace.

The report quoted a “senior administration official” who the newspaper said told the Jerusalem Post that “all parties” must “refrain from taking unilateral actions that could undermine our ability to make progress, including settlement announcements.”

Also, for the first time, the official confirmed that the Trump administration is committed to a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Trump is set to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu in Washington on February 15.


{ Israel News}


  1. Bibi – Trump is right – stop announcing it -JUST DO WHAT YOUR CITIZENS NEED _NEW HOUSING.

    No country announces when they build housing for their citizens

  2. The “senior administration official” was likely an Obama holdover, who misrepresented the current President’s position. President Trump’s position, which is a lot less strident than the headline or article (or the rest of the lying media) implies, can be found on the White House Web site as follows:

    “The American desire for peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians has remained unchanged for 50 years. While we don’t believe the existence of settlements is an impediment to peace, the construction of new settlements or the expansion of existing settlements beyond their current borders may not be helpful in achieving that goal. As the President has expressed many times, he hopes to achieve peace throughout the Middle East region. The Trump administration has not taken an official position on settlement activity and looks forward to continuing discussions, including with Prime Minister Netanyahu when he visits with President Trump later this month.”

  3. wow….that was quick. Trump will need a lot of Siyata Dishmaya to function as a world leader especially in the face of all the resistance against him. If he goes the way of his predecessors and starts up with EY, he will have a bitter end. I hope that will not be the case.

  4. Did the newspaper name the “senior administration official”? No? Didn’t think so. Until there are official statements, it is all a bunch of speculations.


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