Trump: ‘Who Cares If There’s A Trade War?’

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Donald Trump wanted to talk trade, telling an audience here that the country is “getting killed” and losing jobs. He ticked off the names of companies that have moved or planned to move their business overseas – and if they do that while he’s president, he said, they’re going to pay a 35 percent import tax.

“And these dummies say, ‘Oh well, that’s a trade war.’ Trade war? We’re losing $500 billion in trade with China. Who…cares if there’s a trade war?” Trump said.

“Five-hundred billion, and you’re talking about a trade war,” Trump said. China is “behaving very, very badly” by devaluing its currency, he said, adding that once he is president, China will “behave and China will be our friend.”

The presumptive presidential nominee headlined a fundraiser here to help New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie retire his campaign debt. Attendees were charged $200, though some said they didn’t pay anything to get in the door, and students ponied up $35. Christie introduced Trump, with the two hugging and slapping each other on the back.

“He has brought greatness to every enterprise he has ever led,” Christie said of Trump.

But the crowd at a National Guard Armory, whose drop ceiling was outfitted with crystal-studded chandeliers, was here for one person: Trump. The businessman spent a good chunk of time on trade, decrying NAFTA and vowing to bring back American jobs.

“My trade deal is very simple,” he said. “Here’s what it is: I’m going to make great deals for our country.”

The candidate cited the example of Carrier, an air conditioner company that plans to leave Indiana for Mexico, as a business that likely wouldn’t leave if there were a 35 percent tariff tacked on to their imports. Trump often talked about the company while campaigning in Indiana, a state whose GOP primary he won handily.

“As president of the United States, am I allowed to call the president of an air conditioning company? May I?” Trump asked Christie at the event. “He said only one time,” Trump said as he looked out onto the crowd. The real estate mogul said his wife would tell him not to do it because he’s president, “but it’s so much fun for me.”

And what would he tell them?

“Enjoy Mexico – it’s a wonderful place, beautiful weather. I hope you like 120 degrees,” Trump said. “Every unit you make that you sell into the United States you’re gonna pay a 35 percent tax.”

Trump typically blasts Nabisco for moving operations to Mexico and also teased at Christie.

“I’m not eating Oreos anymore … neither is Chris,” Trump said. Christie had gastric bypass surgery a few years ago.

Trump also brought up an EgyptAir plane that crashed into the Mediterranean Sea on Thursday. Debris from the jet has been found, authorities said. Investigators said they are leaving open all possibilities for the crash. A top Egyptian aviation official suggested that terrorism was more likely than mechanical failure, but U.S. officials cautioned it is too early to know what definitively happened.

“A plane got blown out of the sky,” Trump told the crowd. “If anybody thinks it wasn’t blown out of the sky you’re 100 percent wrong folks, OK. And it’s getting worse.”

Trump excoriated Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton, who said in an interview with CNN on Thursday that Trump’s anti-Muslim sentiment and “wrongheaded” comments make it more difficult for the United States to fight terrorism.

In a statement, Trump’s campaign said Clinton has “bad judgment” and is “unfit” to be president. Clinton retweeted the statement and wrote: “If you cite supporting torture and hosting pageants as foreign policy ‘qualifications,’ your definition needs work.”

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  1. And you guys support this guy? A guy who touches emotion, but who’s plan is a plan that leads directly to disaster? Charging tattoos like that will destroy our economy (mainly because of trade wars). The guy screams about making America great while spewing ideas that will destroy this country. Like the Pied Piper, his supporters follow him directly into the river. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

  2. This country’s economy is already in the toilet, the trade deficit is already equivalent to a trade war. Personally, I think that the way to fix the trade deficit is with more free market capitalism, not tariffs. However, when compared to Hillary, Trump is eons ahead in his support of the free market, and consequently is eons better than Hillary in rebuilding the economy.

    • “However, when compared to Hillary, Trump is eons ahead in his support of the free market, and consequently is eons better than Hillary in rebuilding the economy.”
      1-In what way exactly is Trump more pro free market than Hillary? This is just wrong. 2-The idea that because someone is more pro free market he or she would be better for the economy is just flat out wrong. There is a reason why experts expect the stock market to free fall if Trump is elected president…
      People decided that anyone who runs on the R ticket must inherently be better then anyone who’s on the D ticket. Sadly in this situation it just isn’t true.

      • So you are saying that 1) Hillary is not less free market than Trump, 2) who needs free market anyway. To deny your contradictory points: 1) you are wrong because Hillary is a socialist, and socialism is by definition anti free market, 2) you are wrong because you clearly are a socialist, and socialism has always failed anytime it was tried.

  3. Commenter “Truth” hit it right on the nose. Trump is a loose cannon who refuses to listen to anyone but himself. Who cares if there’s a trade war? Since when have trade wars boosted the economy?!

    Any president worth his (or her) salt who means what he/she says about keeping companies here and boosting the economy will slash the regulations and sky-high taxes that make these companies want to leave the U.S. to begin with. Not threaten them with crazy tariffs.

    • So you propose that Hillary’s fascist socialist policies will enrich the economy? You are partially right, her policies will enrich her and her cronies, however will make the rest of the country poor. To vote for Hillary, one has to be either one of her cronies, or be a useful idiot(communist terminology).

      • Trump supporters continuously call their opponents names when stuck. I’ve seen it thousands of times by now. Calling people names doesn’t cause something wrong to become right. If Trump is overall better than Hillary, please explain how. Trump is someone who is a danger to the world. Hillary is someone who has policies which I completely disagree with.

        • Follow your own requirements: please explain, using facts without clichés, how is Trump a danger to the world, and a disaster for the economy. By the way, fascism is an extreme left phenomena, Mussolini was admired by the American progressives in 1920s, socialism and fascism share common ideology, one is that both require the state to dominate the individual – so I’m not just calling Hillary names – she is ideologically a fascist socialist, whether you like the term or not. Regarding Hillary’s cronyism and corruption, all you have to look into are her “speech fees”, her net worth that went up from 200k to 200mil over the past 20 years – without running a successful business or lucky investments – all through the legalized bribery, such as “speech fees ” and “book sales”. Whoever bribed Hillary expects a return on investment, hence there’ll be a major payoff to the cronies if Hillary gets elected. I didn’t have to explain all my Hillary’s accusations as they are all well known, but I did anyway. You can’t find any remotely bad facts on Trump, yet you accuse. It is you who is stuck and resorting to name calling.


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