Trump Willing to ‘Sell a Building’ to Pump $1 Billion Into Campaign

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Donald Trump may be willing to give $1 billion of his own money to his presidential campaign, it was revealed Wednesday afternoon, NEWSMAX reports.

During an appearance on Fox News’ “The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson,” Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson said the presumptive GOP presidential nominee could shell out a truckload of his own money — even if that means dipping into his real estate business.

“As Mr. Trump has already said. He’d be willing to commit a billion dollars of his own money to make America great again,” Pierson told Carlson. “Like he said, he would sell a building. He would definitely do that for the country. He’s talking about helping out senate races, congressional races. The Republican Party doing fundraisers for the RNC, definitely. It’s going to be a joint effort.”

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  1. As if he would get a billion….

    The properties are not worth what he claims.
    He often has investors who own parts
    The properties may very well be mortgaged.
    Capital gains tax

  2. Trump is willing to sell his investments in order to finance his presidential campaign. Big deal – said Hillary – I’m willing to sell out my country in order to finance my campaign.

  3. It’s not to make America great, I thought, it’s so that he won’t be beholden to contributors. (Like Hillary was to Trump?)


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