Trump Wins His First State: Israel


Donald Trump may be battling in key battlegrounds like Pennsylvania and Virginia, but there’s a state that offers great news: the state of Israel. POLITICO reports that according to a survey of 1,140 U.S. citizens living in Israel, most of whom have mailed in absentee ballots, Trump has beat Hillary Clinton by 49 percent to 44 percent.

Typically among this cohort — American Jews living in Israel, many of whom tend to be more religious — the Republican nominee captures around 75 percent of the vote, said said Mitchell Barak, a consultant in Israel who served as a pollster on the survey, noting that was the case for John McCain and Mitt Romney.

Trump cleaned up with those who consider themselves Orthodox Jews, landing 85 percent of that vote, while Clinton was strongest with secular Jews, earning 75 percent of their vote.



  1. Too bad Israel doesn’t actually count as a state. Any vote would count only with the U.S. state the voter was registered. Moot story other than to note small trend in jewish voting.

    • It’s not election day yet, and in this case polling data is allowed. No more ballots can be cast here. Anyway, we are not a state, chas v’shalom!


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