Trump Wishes Flynn ‘Good Luck’ Ahead Of Former Aide’s Sentencing

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President Trump in an early morning tweet on Tuesday wished Michael Flynn good luck ahead of his first national security adviser’s sentencing for lying to the FBI.

“Good luck today in court to General Michael Flynn,” the president said. “Will be interesting to see what he has to say, despite tremendous pressure being put on him, about Russian Collusion in our great and, obviously, highly successful political campaign. There was no Collusion!”

Special counsel Robert Mueller has recommended a lenient sentence, citing Flynn’s “substantial assistance” in ongoing investigations, and has not asked for any jail time.

Read more at The Hill.



  1. I hope President Trump releases Flynn moments after the sentencing and gives him a top position in office – something that’ll put Mueller behind bars.

  2. Herr Mueller son of a Nazi destroyed 19,000 documents from Strzok exposing Mueller’s hoax and he (Mueller) is still not arrested for obstruction of justice and his witch hunt is still going on. The DOJ and FBI are partners in crime against Trump and nothing’s being done.

  3. Flynn was an idiot for making a deal with the devil.
    The injustice should bother us all, remember Rubashkin!!!!
    These evil animals will stop at nothing, they have the FBI DOJ and the Judges in their pockets.
    No sane Judge will go against them, if they know what’s good for them


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