Trump Won’t Promise To Endorse Pence For President In 2024

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  President Donald Trump said Friday morning that if Vice President Mike Pence runs for president in 2024, he wouldn’t automatically have his endorsement.

The president was asked the hypothetical during a wide-ranging interview on “Fox & Friends.”

“You’re talking about a long time. You can’t put me in that position,” Trump said, adding that Pence would have his “strong consideration.”

Whether Trump wins reelection in 2020, there will be a long list of Republicans vying for the White House four years later. While the sitting vice president is often considered the heir apparent, there are several other big name Republicans who could edge Pence out such as Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Pence has been extremely loyal to Trump throughout their tenure together, but the vice president may not be considered the strongest choice to motivate the Trump base even after eight years at the president’s side.

Though it probably stings for Pence that Trump wouldn’t automatically endorse him, it’s been nearly 20 years since the sitting vice president, then Al Gore, was the automatic front-runner.

Then, after eight years as George W. Bush’s vice president, Richard B. Cheney, did not seek the nomination. After eight years of Barack Obama’s presidency, it was Hillary Clinton and not Joe Biden who was expected to take over.

When Biden was still considering running in 2016, Obama was asked in early 2015 who he’d choose between his vice president and Clinton.

“I love ’em both. Good try,” he said.

Now, even with Biden leading a very crowded pack of Democrats vying to take on Trump in 2020, Obama has not given anyone his support.

But Biden is using his time at Obama’s side both in policy and as friends as a campaign advantage.

Even if Pence doesn’t win Trump’s endorsement in 2024, he’d surely do the same.

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  1. Won’t make a difference. He doesn’t need his endorsement. The righteous Mike Pence will get even greater numbers than the immoral Donald Trump. Mike Pence will motivate the Evangelicals and they will come out in force to support and vote for him. The silent majority in this Country is sick and tired of the beat down the perverts have given them. Trump has NOT drained the swamp in the least. He’s a classic Manhattan liberal. Don’t underestimate the religious decent moral citizens in the heartland of this Country. McShame and Mittens were known moral phonies with zero courage of their convictions. Mike Pence is the real deal. A real patriotic American.

    • Pence is “righteous” according to MSM’s brainwashing for sheeple like you. Read up about him. He ain’t no tzaddik….

  2. Of course he is not going to make such a foolish commitment.

    Very few politicians would be willing to commit themselves to endorse someone decides to run for president in five years from now.

    He basically gave the same answer Obama did when asked if he will support Biden for president “great guy but no commitment as of now”

  3. It’s far to soon to ask or answer the 2024 question. The media still want to stir up some kind of fight between Trump & Pence. It won’t work.

  4. Pence would make a great President. He is a real Mentsch! Pence has more in common with our community than any DemocRAT has and even most Republicans. He is an ehrliche Goy and a nice person too.


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