Trump Won’t Rule Out Third-Party Bid

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In an interview with Fox New Sunday that will air this weekend, Donald Trump said that he will not rule out a third-party bid for the presidency, though in September he signed an agreement saying he would support the eventual Republican nominee.

Trump said that his decision largely depends on whether or not he’s treated “unfairly” at the GOP convention.

“I’m gonna have to see how I was treated. It’s very simple,” he said. Read more at CNN.



  1. He’s absolutely right. If the corrupt Republican establishment treats him unfairly and picks some failure like Ryan they are sure to lose in a landslide anyways. That would suit them fine since they would be happy to let Hillary win rather than a legitimate Republican candidate. At least with a 3rd party bid if necessary, there would be a chance of true leadership for America.

  2. If he’s seriously interested in running as a third-party candidate he should resurrect a nineteenth-century party whose name is perfect for both Trump and his voters: the “Know-Nothing Party”.


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