Trump Would ‘Absolutely’ Fill SCOTUS Opening This Year

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President Donald Trump told radio host Hugh Hewitt on Tuesday he would fill a Supreme Court vacancy if one opened up, even though it is an election year.

“Absolutely, I’d do it,” Trump said, adding, “I would move quickly. Why not? . . . The Democrats would if they were in this position.”

Leading members of the GOP have said they have no problem filling a vacancy even though Senate Republicans prevented former President Barack Obama from doing so in 2016. The Republicans refused to even hold hearings on Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, claiming that since it was an election year, the decision should be up to whoever is elected president in November by the people.

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    • Wow, how did you come up with a nickname that’s a total oxymoron to your content?

      “Emes” indeed. Republicans are the worst? You mean worse than the liberal, socialist, pro-anarchist, racist, anti-religion, anti-life, pro-Toeivah, antisemitic, incompetent DemocRATs????

      Wow, you really gulp the koolaid, dontcha…

  1. To emes:
    With “Seyato D’Shemayo”; that “M’nuval” will lose the election. Justice Ginsburg will retire, in good health, and the next POTUS (Joe Biden), will appoint a decent & erudite Associate Justice, to take her seat on the Supreme Court.


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