Trump Yarmulkas Outselling Hillary Yarmulkas


WASHINGTON – The campaigns of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are looking for signs anywhere and everywhere that might suggest who will move into the White House in January. A company that makes Trump and Hillary kippas or yarmulkes has some good news for one of the presidential hopefuls – Trump head coverings are winning in…


  1. Wagers on the very important!

    Cover your head with the name of your values in the marketplace.

    I have not yet myself donned a political campaign slogan on my kippah and now I think will not appear in such a manner. Is not the King himself the one to honor?

    Wager that the Trump kippah versus the Hillary kippah is the gay thought of who to vote by the good of the gay logic of hurt feelings about just being coy in an era of winning average humor.

    Sociologically, the jews can do it all. Easy to think that the Trump kippah popularity is just the beggar looking for a cheap way to express his mood.

    Maybe the Hillary voters are more diplomatic and just vote. No kippah required!


    (no hillary kippah that is!)


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