Trump’s Generals: Hillary Wants ‘Cold War 2.0’

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Donald Trump’s advisers have released a statement implying Hillary Clinton is responsible for the rise of the Islamic State and deteriorating ties with Russia, the Daily Beast reports.

Michael Flynn and Keith Kellogg said Trump offers U.S. voters a “true reset” in the upcoming election in a statement from the official Twitter account for Flynn and Kellogg’s book “Field of Fight” on Monday night. The statement, circulated by Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, praises Trump as being “unbound by the policies of the recent past,” policies which supposedly “allowed a fundamentalist Radical Islamist terrorist group to grow” and created the conflict in Syria. Flynn and Kellogg then go on to accuse Clinton of bringing about “a return to Cold War 2.0 with the Russians,” apparently overlooking Russia’s invasion of Crimea and aggression in Ukraine for the past two years.

“Frustrated, confused and disillusioned” Americans “are increasingly tired of ‘experts’ telling them their beliefs are wrong,” the statement reads, positioning Trump as the anti-establishment candidate who can turn everything around. Read more at FIELD OF FIGHT ON TWITTER.



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