Tumult Erupts at Kosel Due to Mixed-Gender Minchah Service

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Reform and Conservative Jewish men and women showed up at the Kosel today to hold a “prayer service.” Their efforts led to all-out brawls, as those seeking to maintain the holiness of the place protested the actions of those who seek to change the status quo of the holy site.

The “Minchah service” featured a mixed-gender crowd in the back area of the Kosel Plaza.

While the attention-seeking Women of the Wall group is generally responsible for events such as these, today’s gathering was not their project.

The rov emeritus of the Old City, Rav Avigdor Nebenzahl, called on Torah Jews to protest the event.

After the gathering, the director of the Conservative Movement in Israel, Yizhar Hess, criticized the police for not doing enough to restrain protestors.

David Steger – Matzav.com Israel


  1. Fog death. Evil opportunity and no good faith for any Torah.

    the conservative and reform jews are fighting to just have nibbles of any jewish fate any more. Their time is running out.

    Torah is the world. No need to get violent. But a protest is given a voice.

    G-d is rum to the ignorant of the unorthodox inner self hate movements. They are hate to their own standing in Torah.

    How terrible.

  2. “holiest site to Yidden”
    That is totally incorrect the Har Habayes is not the Kosel. The holiest place in Judiasm is where the Beis Hamikdosh was! not the Kosel.

  3. Reform is not Judaism.
    Conservative is not Judaism.

    These are phony made up movements who continue to say that they practice Judaism. They don’t.

  4. It’s also ridiculous that Bennett spent millions of Israeli taxpayers’ shekels to build the Hellenists their Azrat Israel section but they refuse to use it because they want to be where they can provoke the Jews who are there to pray in accordance with Jewish law


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