Turban-Wearing Man Wields Knife in Front of North Hollywood Shul

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A scary scene took place in front of Chabad of North Hollywood.

The scene was captured by Noah Oiknine, who related: “I took these pictures and just witnessed a man with his head covered in a turban with a huge hatchet and sword making threatening gestures towards the Chabad and the Jewish people! EVERYONE BE ON HIGH ALERT!”

Oiknine proceeded to call local police and filed a report.

Oiknine encouraged others to share these pictures and ensure that all shuls be properly secures.

Oiknine saw the knife-wielding man drive off in a white Toyota Corolla, but he didn’t catch the plate number.



  1. Update from the guy with machete Friday.
    The police were able to get his plate from the security cameras and tracked him to a house in Studio City. They arrested him there. Right now they have him on a 72-hour hold but he did not commit a crime that they can hold him any longer for apparently. They may have gotten a search warrant and are doing further investigation. No further details. I heard this directly from someone who got an update today from a Sergeant working this investigation

  2. Looks like he is tang a selfie, if so so what? Also this is Hollywood and people just make movies to sell. stay calm it will be altright


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