Turkish Terrorist Hackers Hack Chareidi Website

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turkey-terrorist-hackers[Video below.] Turkish hackers hacked into the ‘Tog’ chareidi news website last night, planting terrorist messages and quotes from the Koran, along with a Palestinian propaganda clip. Messages written in broken English included calls for anti-Israel action.

The news portal sported horrific images of blood and fire, billows of smoke, and messages of Islamic terrorism.

It turns out that the group of Turkish hackers managed to break into the site’s servers and thus plant the threatening slogans of fundamentalist terror. All the content on the site was completely deleted and replaced with propaganda videos and songs with Arabic captions.

The messages included threats against “the Zionist occupiers,” hatred for the State of Israel and its citizens, and calls for Israel’s destruction.

This is not the first time that an Israeli website has been breached by Turkish hackers, but it is the first time that the hackers chose a chareidi site to attack. Since the IDF operation on the infamous flotilla, thousands of Israeli internet users have encountered Israeli websites that have been hacked and display various terrorist images, a PLO flag, and captions in broken English. A Turkish hacker group identified as TurkGuvenligi has taken over the sites.

‘Tog’ – which was known as ‘Etrog’ until switiching its name last year – is in good company, though. Among the other sites hacked are those belonging to major companies, such as Microsoft Israel, MSN Israel, and Coca-Cola Israel.

Last week, it was reported that Turkish hackers managed to break into a Chabad site and a number of Israeli sites, obtaining lots of information, including e-mail addresses, passwords, user account information, and more of about 100,000 Israeli internet users.

Click below to view the video placed on the ‘Tog’ website by the hackers:

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{Yair Alpert-Matzav.com Israel}


  1. Let’s get the best Israeli hackers on this for a retaliatory hack attack! That way people in Turkey will actually be able to see the Israeli perspective at least for a little while and these pathetic terrorists will understand the consequences of their little game.

  2. Yes you are probably right about that Dovid but at the very least, Tog and other sites should use this incident to learn how better to protect themselves from hack attacks.

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