Twin Daughter of Rachmistrivka Rebbe Born After 20 Years Engaged

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rachmastrivka-engagement-3[Photos below.] Rachmistrivka chassidim celebrated a special simcha on Tuesday, with the engagement of a daughter of the Rachmistrivka Rebbe of Eretz Yisroel. The Rebbe waited for more than twenty years after his wedding until his only children – twin daughters – were born. Now the elder of the twins is engaged.

The chosson, Shmuel Avraham Abba Twersky, is a son of Rav Yaakov Yosef Twersky of Boro Park, son of Rav Yehoshua Twersky zt”l, son of the Rachmistrivka Rebbe, Rav Yochonon zt”l. Rav Yaakov Yosef is a son-in-law of previous Skverer Rebbe of Flatbush zt”l and is an esteemed talmid chochom and greatly beloved figure in the court of his uncle, the Rachmistrivka Rebbe of Boro Park.

The shidduch was finalized at the home of the Rachmistrivka Rebbe on Rechov Chagai in Yerushalayim at a small affair only for the close family.

Later on Tuesday afternoon, the vort, with the reading of the tena’im, was held at the Rachmistrivka Bais Medrash on Rechov Givat Moshe in Yerushalayim.

See below for photos:

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  1. Wow, this is a major Simcha for all of Klall Yisrael, the Rebbe of Rachmistrivka in Eretz Yisroel is a well knowm Tzadik and Poel Yeshuois.

  2. Response To # 2
    Without the comma – confusing
    Twin Daughter of Rachmistrivka Rebbe Born after 20 Years Engaged

    With a comma – clear
    Twin Daughter of Rachmistrivka Rebbe Born after 20 Years, Engaged

  3. Ben Torah

    When u wait 20 years for a child, then are zoiche to engage that child, it’s kinda major, don’t u see the shaychos???

  4. it’s not a bar mitzvah bachur he’s wearing a kopek which is worn by granchildren of some rebbes from their bar mitzvah till their wedding then they wear a striemel it seems to me the chossan and kallah are 2nd cousins

  5. “from the title it sounds as if she was born after being engaged for 20 years”

    Indeed it is 20 years after the rebbe got engaged. OK maybe its a little more (20 since the wedding plus the engagement ) they just rounded it off to the nearest multiple of 10

  6. as a chusid of rachmistrvika rebbe of boro park, were very happy to sahre with the simcha of the rachmistrivka rebbe if yerushlaim, pur 2 rebbes live in pieice, as famous vort from yankel miller, evry chasidus says their the only 1… rach says there is 2 rebbes, so therefore moshiach cant come….


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