Twin Toddlers Die In Brooklyn After Father Forgot Them In His Car


Juan Rodriguez, 39, was hauled handcuffed before a judge, charged with the deaths of his twin children after leaving them in the back of his car.

He forgot to drop them off at their day care Friday morning, Rodriguez has told cops — and didn’t realize they were still in the back seat when he parked at the Bronx hospital where he’s a social worker, court papers reveal.

Eight hours later, the twins, Luna and Phoenix, registered an internal temperature of 108 degrees when coroners examined their bodies in their car seats.

Rodriguez was still sobbing at his arraignment Saturday night before Bronx Criminal Court Justice Patsy Goldborne. Rodriguez was freed on $100,000 bail.

“My babies are dead! I killed my babies!” he cried.

Read more at THE NY POST.



  1. The pain of losing the children is hard enough. There’s no reason to arrest the father and sentence him to jail. Let them arrest real criminals.

  2. nebech. things like that can happen to everyone. he will suffer for this all the rest of his life. i hope this waked up everyone. take off a shoe and place it next to the car seat. it doesnt cost anything

  3. There was no reason for the Father to be arrested. This obviously wasn’t intentional. When it happens to unzera everything is shtill. Why should it be any different with the umas hagoyim. It was a very sad tragedy. Let the Father get the help that he surely needs at this time.

  4. Completely agree with posters #1 and #2. Loving parents who would gladly give up their own lives in a nanosecond to undo this type of tragedy have had this happen to them (including members of our community, R”L). Charging and imprisoning them is cruelty on top of cruelty.

  5. It’s hard enough to understand how a parent can forget one child in his car let alone two! But it for sure wasn’t intentional. The father will have to live with this for the rest of his life, and I ‘m sure his wife will blame him and perhaps leave him. That is worse than being arrested as a criminal.

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