Twitter Labeled Trump Tweets With A Fact Check For The First Time


For the first time, Twitter called tweets from Donald Trump “potentially misleading” — a decision that prompted the president to accuse the social media platform of election meddling.

On Tuesday, Twitter highlighted two of Trump’s tweets that falsely claimed mail-in ballots would lead to widespread voter fraud, appending a message the company has introduced to combat misinformation and disputed or unverified claims.

“Get the facts about mail-in ballots,” read the message beneath each tweet. It linked to a curated fact-check page the platform had created filled with further links and summaries of news articles debunking the assertion. Twitter said the move was aimed at providing “context” around Trump’s remarks.

Read more at CNN.



  1. Can’t a Trump patriot buy off Twitter like one of them did for Google and uncensored everything?

    Of course mail-in ballots would lead to widespread voter fraud. Are there any Dem who can be trusted?


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