Twitter to No Longer Remove Hacked Content Unless Directly Shared By Hackers

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Twitter Inc. is changing its Hacked Materials Policy, walking back a set of rules at the heart of its enforcement action this week against a controversial article that included potentially damaging allegations against U.S. presidential candidate Joe Biden.

In a series of tweets, policy chief Vijaya Gadde said that the company will no longer remove hacked content “unless it is directly shared by hackers or those acting in concert with them.” Instead, it “will label Tweets to provide context instead of blocking links from being shared on Twitter.” Gadde said the updated policy will be put in place in the coming days.

Twitter found itself at center of a political firestorm this week after both it and Facebook Inc. took measures to suppress the sharing of a New York Post article that alleged Biden had improper connections to an executive at a Ukrainian energy firm. Twitter has taken a more aggressive approach in policing President Donald Trump’s use of the service this year, earning it accusations from U.S. Republicans of stifling conservative speech and trying to assist Biden’s campaign.

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