Twitter Turns Clinton’s ‘H’ Logo Into Target For Ridicule


hillary-logoHillary Clinton’s campaign rollout on social media set Twitter abuzz as she likely hoped, but part of the discussion quickly veered away from the candidate herself to her new logo, and it got a hearty “thumbs down.”

The blocky blue “H” with a horizontal red arrow running through it looked like a road sign pointing to a hospital, some said; it looked too similar to the logo for FedEx, others complained; it could easily be compared with a World War II-era Hungarian fascist party logo, a journalist for the Wall Street website Business Insider pointed out.

Worse yet for the would-be 2016 standard-bearer of the left-leaning Democratic Party: The arrow pointed to the right.

“So what lucky 3rd grader won the Design the Hillary Clinton Campaign Logo contest?” Tweeted a commentator with the handle @massfubar to nearly 14,000 followers. Read more at Yahoo News.



  1. Hillary Diane is a political clone of Barack Hussein.

    She subscribes to the same radical left dogma of redistribution of income, socialized medicine, and a foreign policy of promoting United States weakness.

  2. Can Ron Brown serve as her campaign manager???
    I know some of those who are scheduling her traveling itineraries: they served in the white house as the travel planning office!

  3. So I see the Republicans are waging a war on women. Hillary is off limits. Unlike the GOP, we are %100 percent united behind Hillary. She will win in a landslide.

  4. Charlie Hall, you love to regurgitate Democrat hackneyed phrases like “war on women”.

    I seem to recall a Democrat “war on women” when Michele Bachmann ran for President and all the Democrat mud-slinging that ensued.

    When a woman does not march to the Democrat leftist sheet music, the Democrats wage a war on women.

    When the woman, such as Hillary Clinton, march to the Democrat sheet music she is praised by the leftist media.

  5. I suspect that Charlie Hall is actually a conservative who posts ridiculous platitudes to make liberals appear foolish.
    To say that criticizing Hillary’s logo is a “war on women” is just laughable, yet typical. Criticism of the left is always met with accusations of racism and any other unpopular “ism” that can be used to smear anyone they disagree with.

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