Two Arrested At Kikar Shabbos Hafgana

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Two people were arrested at a hafgana that broke out today to protest the arrest of a bochur  who was detained at Ben-Gurion Airport on his way to Ukraine for not enlisting in the IDF.

Dozens of protesters showed up to Kikar Shabbos to voice their protests, blocking traffic and causing a ruckus. Attempts to close off the streets were stopped by the police, who were deployed with reinforcements to prevent the road from being blocked. Two people were arrested for disturbing the peace.

Later, several demonstrators descended on Bar-Ilan Street, setting fire to garbage cans, and prevented the passage of vehicles at the junction of Eli Hacohen / Bar-Ilan streets.

{ Israel News}



  1. The only language the Israeli Government understands…..KEEP IT UP !!! B”H, three of my children were zocheh to participate.

  2. Just me, it’s clear that you only think of just yourself. What about all the people who are inconvenienced when traffic comes to a halt? Are you proud of your children who prevent other Yidden from taking care of errands or even taking care of medical emergencies? Are you proud when my daughter is delayed for hours from getting home to her children after a day’s work? Do you think it accomplishes anything when garbage is burned? The Israeli government does not understand this and neither do the people. THIS ACCOMPLISHES NOTHING.


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