Two Bnei Brak Residents On The Way To Lizhensk Injured In Car Accident

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An accident in Poland left two Bnei Brak residents on their way to the kever of Rav Elimelech M’Lizehnsk  with serious injuries.


It’s not yet clear what caused the accident but officials noted that one of the reasons is probably skidding on the road, as the accident occured when the temperature was -9 degrees and the road was ice. One of the occupants in the car escaped with only minor injuries. The other is in more serious condition.

Please daven for Yitzchak Shlomo ben Shoshana.


    • Obviously they needed something from the Rebono Shel Olam and wanted the heilige Rebbe R’ Elimelech zt”l to intercede on their behalf. May they have a refuah shelemah and may the Rebono Shel Olam fulfill their wishes.


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