Two Bochurim Attacked in Lakewood

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lakewood-ambulance-purim-attackLakewood, NJ – Two yeshiva bochurim were punched in their faces tonight while leisurely walking after the Purim seudah. Lakewood Police are conducting a search for two African American males who assaulted the bochurim on Park Avenue in front of Menser’s Heating and Cooling near East 8th Street.

A Hatzolah member related that the bochurim were attacked from the back and then sustained punches to their faces, leaving one with cuts and bleeding atop his nose and the other with lacerations across his face. The attackers fled on foot.

A slew of Hatzolah members responded to the scene at approximately 8:30 p.m., followed by police officers. The bochurim – one on a stretcher – were immediately taken in a Hatzolah ambulance, seen in above photo, to Kimball Medical Center on Route 9 South for examination.

{Doniel Newscenter}


  1. Thank you for posting, but why is race the only defining characteristic we are being given? We should be told about height, weight, clothing, etc if we are to stay safe.

  2. This happened in America! Can’t be I thought antisemitisim only occurs in Europe, and by us in America everything is perfect, I thought that we must feel utmost hakuras hatov to our American government, who has been securing our freedom in the most perfect way! And well that’s why we must not criticise our government on anything, certainly not over the Rubashkin issue, this is what many have said! And well by us in America unlike the Europeans, anti semitisim is properly dealt with! I could only conclude that it was a mistake, it’s probably is a mistake, its probably in France where this incident took place!

  3. I assume that the above commenter is being cynical, because in America like everywhere else, Anti Semitisim is slowly raring its ugly head, and this incident is amongst quite a few, including ten incidents that have taken place in Flatbush over the last 6 months.

  4. In this particular case it may not be anti-semitism or a “hate crime” per se.
    I live in Detroit and we somehow have always lives too close with these types. They are not intellectually curious or aware enough to be (knowingly) racially motibated. The typical folks whom the attackers personify, are just simply violent and destructive – including self deatructive. They are truly equal opportunity choleria.
    Don’t comment from any self-proclaimed moral high ground until you actually live next door to these types such as many jews in metro D-town.

  5. Anti-Semitism is on the rise. I just saw a swastika scratched into a window on the 7 train, and NYC in supposed to be the multicultural center of the world.


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