Two Children Infiltrate Israel, Armed With A Knife

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On Saturday morning, IDF troops apprehended two children near the security fence in the southern Gaza Strip. The children were carrying a knife.

Following an initial inquiry by IDF troops in the field, the children explained that they had intended to infiltrate into Israel with a knife so that they would be apprehended and sent to prison.

IDF troops gave the children water and then returned them to Gaza through the Erez Crossing.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



    • Foreign children who infiltrate the USA should be given fresh water and then returned safely to Mexico via the closest border crossing.

  1. A rational action would have been to use child care services to take away children from the terrorist homes and to raise them in the state run orphanages. But don’t expect anything rational from Medinat Judenrat.

  2. oh, please, why are you advising israel to become involved with raising arab children? it’s not our responsibility nor our duty. let them go back to their parents and drive their parents crazy as young kids are wont to do. and you know what? if israel does it once, gaza will start sending more and more kids over the border for better education, better medical care, better everything. and i will venture to guess that many parents would rather their children have a moral up bringing than the one their kids are getting now with knives, hatred, etc. even though those parents wouldnt dare say that out loud

    • Yidinneh, it would be cheaper to take away parenting rights from the arab parents associated in any way with the islamonazi terrorism, and to raise their kids in Israeli orphanages as Sheva Mitzvos Bnei Noach tax-paying and Israel-supporting individuals. In fact, it is a checkmate move, that will immediately stop most terrorist activity. Of course, precisely because of its effectiveness, the judenrat left will fight against it tooth and nail.


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