Two El Al Planes Collide at Ben-Gurion Airport

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elalTwo planes from Israel’s flag carrier El Al collided on the ground on Shabbos at Ben-Gurion International Airport. There were no injuries in the incident, but both planes did sustain damage.

The two large Boeing passenger jets – a 747 and a 777 – were being towed to the El Al hangar area when they collided. The airline has set up a special panel to investigate the collision.

According to the initial investigation into the incident, the details of which have reached Haaretz, the 777 hit the 747, and sustained the most damage. It appears that negligence was the most likely cause of the collision, with workers not taking sufficient care during the towing process.

It seems that there were just two personnel in the area at the time of the incident, whereas protocol states that there should be five staff involved in any tow operation – one person in the cockpit and four on the ground.

El Al confirmed Motzoei Shabbos that there had been a “light” collision while the two planes were being towed.



  1. And that’s a surprise? When they have flights leaving London in the summer about 10 minutes after Shabbos ends…. Does anyone really think they all make Havdoloh in their hotel and do a very quick sprint across to the airport?


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