Two Homes From Times Of Yetzias Mitzrayim Found

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Archaeologists have discovered two ancient homes near the Giza pyramids in Egypt. The structures may have housed officials responsible for overseeing the production of food for a paramilitary force more than 4,500 years ago.

The residences were found in an ancient port at Giza that flourished at a time when the Pyramid of Menkaure was being constructed at Giza.

One of the structures may have housed an official who oversaw the containment and slaughtering of animals for food, while a priest who was part of an institution called the “wadaat” may have lived in the other home, archaeologists said.

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  1. What we DON’T know: The date these houses were built
    1) The archeologists did NOT find bills of sale.
    2) Dating methods are far, far from accurate.

    What we DO know (from the original article):
    1) There was a brewery and and a bakery (Sar haMashkim and Sar haOphim).
    2) There was a place where records were kept of the distributed foods.


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