Videos, Photos: Two Hurt in Kiryat Arba Terror Attack, Girl Passes Away from Wounds

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[Update below.] Two people have been hurt in a terror attack in Kiryat Arba. A 16-year-old girl and a 30-year-old man were injured in the attack, in which a terrorist tried to shoot and stab his shooting his victims.

The 17-year old Palestinian assailant snuck into Kiryat Arba to carry out the attack in the community’s Ramat Mamre neighborhood. He was shot and killed.

As police looked for a possible second attacker, Kiryat Arba residents were told to stay indoors. It was later said that there was no second suspect.

The attacker, after illegally entering Kiryat Arba, went into a local house to carry out the attack at about 9 a.m.

The girl is in “very serious” condition; she has wounds to her upper body. All are asked to daven for Hallel Yaffa bas Rina. The man was also hurt in his upper body. Both are being treated at a Yerushalayim hospital.

UPDATE: The injured girl has passed away, succumbing to her wounds. Boruch Dayan Ha’emes.


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David Steger – Israel


  1. Until Israel evicts the Palestinians from Israel, these horrific murders will continue to happen, you can’t have these beasts living in your country, you got that Bibi.

  2. Is this the best headline ?

    They didn’t get hurt while slicing pickles in the kitchen.

  3. BDE

    This is the 9th Horrific innocent child/infant to be niftar just in the last month alone.

    other niftarim include:

    1)Shimon Yisroel Meisels-son of Yoel Yaakov of Williamsburg-fell through a 5th floor window-June 1 2016-5

    2)Shimon Yochai Lasri-son of Rabbi Michael of Bnei Brak-Drowned in Ashdod-June 10 2016-21

    3)Moshe Matanel-son of Yaakov Michoel Emanuel of Israel-Critically injured in MVA & then Niftar -June 15 2016-

    4)Rivka Wasserman-of New York-Jumped into the water from the George Washington Bridge to her death-June 21 2016 -28

    5)Jadyn Larky-daughter of Dr. Howard and Liza Yarov of Bexley Ohio-killed by fallen tree hit by Lightning in sleepaway camp in Indiana-June 21 2016-11

    6)Child-of Chura Israel-Left in a heated car together with brother & went into Cardiac arrest-June 25 2016-2

    7)Child-of Chura Israel-Left in a heated car together with brother & went into Cardiac arrest-June 25 2016-1

    8)Yosef Chaim Grady-of Lakewood-went through many years of illness-June 28 2016-27

    will this tragedy be the final one? will we finally wake up & do TESHUVA together as a nation? YOU in the gift of free-will get to decide that. i.e. theres no one to blame but ourselves-myself included

    may her neshama have an aliya
    may her family have a nechama together with klal yisroel


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