Two IDF Soldiers Who Accidentally Entered Qalandiya Saved Via Nissim

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The IDF, Shin Bet and Special Forces entered the Qalandiya refugee camp on Monday night in search of the two IDF soldiers, who mistakenly entered the Palestinian enclave, as reported earlier. The fact that they emerged alive, sources now say, escaping a mob of animalistic Palestinian rioters, is nothing short of a neis.

The soldiers were from the Oketz Unit of the IDF.

The were the target of Molotov cocktails and stones thrown by Palestinian thugs, and their army car caught fire, forcing the soldiers to run for the lives, separating them.

Security forces fired grenades in the air as helicopters flew overhead searching for the missing two.

Boruch Hashem, one soldier was found about an half hour later, while the other was found shortly before midnight as he was able to walk towards the Kochav Yaakov comunity.


David Steger – Israel


  1. Were any Arabs punished for this attack? If it was an entire Jewish village attacking some Arab passers-by, the Israeli government would have decimated and summarily destroyed that village. Judenrat is the root problem here.


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