Two Israeli Kids Injured in Minefield Explosion

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danger-minesGuy and Tal Yuval, parents of Amit, 12, and Daniel, 11, who were injured in a mine field explosion during a family outing in the Golan Heights on Shabbos, claimed today that the mined area was not clearly and properly marked. At Rambam Hospital in Haifa, where their children were being treated, they criticized authorities for failing to draw the public’s attention to danger in an area which was popular among families looking to play in the snow.Five members of one family, were injured on Shabbos afternoon when a mine exploded in the northern Golan Heights. The incident apparently occurred when the family entered a marked minefield near Mt. Avital.

The couple expressed amazement at the fact there were no signs designating the area as a minefield, going on to say that “we thank divine intervention that a greater tragedy did not occur and that additional mines did not explode that could have injured many more visitors playing in the snow.”

The Yuvals visited their daughter Amit, whose eyes were wrapped following treatment. Her brother Daniel remained in the operating room after doctors had to amputate one of his feet.

Before being rushed into the operating room, Daniel managed to tell the doctors that he and his family had been playing in the snow, and that they had not seen any reason to prevent them from playing in the area, when suddenly a loud explosion occurred.

The Yuval’s version of the events that transpired was contridicted by the IDF, in its response to the incident. An officer in the IDF said, in an interview with Israel Radio, that the minefield in the Golan Heights where the family was injured was clearly marked off by a fence and that the family simply traversed it and entered the field.

Furthermore, other hikers did the same thing. The officer told Israel Radio that all along the road leading to the minefield there are fences and signs warning drivers of the approaching danger zone, and that is difficult to not see these warnings. According to the officer, the IDF has a unit specially designated to maintain the fences and signs in the area.

{JPost/Yair Israel}


  1. thats right it wasnt chareidi and we should realize that chillul shabbos does not pay!!! we must ne mispallel for daniel ben tal and amit ben (bas) tal but yes WE SHOULD REALIZE THAT THEY WERE MECHALEL SHABBOS AND IF THEY WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN MRCHALLEL SHABBOS THEN IT WOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED BECAUSE THEY WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN THERE!

  2. In reply to #3…How dare you talk like that! We may not make such statements. Speaking like this and making judgement calls on other Jews will just push them further away instaed of drawing them closer to Yiddishkeit. Lets focus on the part where you said lets daven for them and stop there. You don’t know their life story…maybe they didn’t have an opportunity to grow up with frumkeit and go to Yeshiva…who are you to make such statements?!

  3. Dear “it wasn’t chareidi”

    Are you nuts? These are Jewish kinderlach. Aren’t all Yisrael “areivim zeh l’zeh?” It amkes absolutely no difference if they were being mechallel Shabbos or not. Aren’t we rachamim b’nei rachamim? Don’t you have any common decency?

    In any case, these children are under the age of 20, and are not yet chayav onesh.

  4. The Bal Shem Tov and others say that the way you judge and pasken on others in your heart is the way you will be judged. If you give others the benefit of the doubt Hashem will give you the benefit of the doubt when you sin.


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