Two New Justices Named to Israel’s Supreme Court


Two new Israeli Supreme Court justices were confirmed by Israel’s judiciary committee this week.

Alex Stein, a professor at Brooklyn Law school in New York, will become Israel’s first Supreme Court justice born in the former Soviet Union. And at 49, Ofer Grosskopf, a Tel Aviv District judge, is younger than most Supreme Court appointments. (Israeli Supreme Court justices serve until the age of 70.) The two new justices will replace justices Yoram Danziger and Uri Shoham, whose terms end this year.

“This is a festive day for the Israeli judiciary,” Shaked said. “Stein and Grosskopf are legal luminaries who come from diverse and unique backgrounds, and no one disputes their merit. When I took office, one of the goals I set was to increase diversity in the Supreme Court. I have no doubt their contribution to the Supreme Court will leave its mark on the history of the Israeli judiciary.”

Yisrael Beiteinu MK Robert Ilatov, a member of the Judicial Nominations Committee, lauded the successful nomination of Stein as “the correction of a historical injustice toward former Soviet Union immigrants,” who comprise 1.4 million of Israel’s citizens and “until recently have not been properly represented in the legal system.”




  1. But chareidim they won’t choose. They want chareidim in the army as cannon fotter and to modernize them with immorality but chareidim will be kept away from the court so that the court can destroy Torah Judaism. They even allowed an Arab who refused to stand to the hatikvah and put the past president in jail and also sent a crown heights Lubavitcher shomrim member back to america to stand trial for saving jewish girls attacked in crown heights because he used mace on the attacker. He was wanted by New York police and ran to Israel. This Arab judge on the Israeli Supreme Court ordered him deported. No frum Jew should go to the army. It’s an indoctrination center of Toeiva.

  2. Who cares? The self-appointed-for-life-judges keep appointing another radical anti-Torah pro-Arab liberal leftist judge. We must continue praying Hashiva Shofteinu with kavanah to get rid of them all.


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