Two Sh’or Yoshuv Talmidim Beaten By Thugs in Lawrence

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Detectives in Nassau County are investigating an incident that took place in Lawrence, New York Thursday night, Motzoei Purim, when two talmidim from Yeshiva Sh’or Yoshuv were assaulted during an attempted robbery while walking home from a Purim seudah.

JP UPDATES reports that the students, age 28 and 25, were walking on Broadway and Doughty at 11:56 P.M. when they were approached by two men who threw them to ground and attacked them. The 28-year-old student was punched in his left eye. The 25 year-old suffered injuries to the chin.

One suspect reportedly punched one of the students, while telling his accomplice to empty out the victim’s pockets.

Police believe the assault was an attempted robbery, reports JP UPDATES.



  1. Just to be melamedvav zechus on the fine talmidim of my alma mader I must conclude that the only reason they didn’t leave their attackers laying in the gutter is that they where in an extreme state of ad dlo yada.

  2. Years ago Lawrence was safe, and so was americo but not now. Thugs used to respect yeshivasha students but not now. Please come home to eretz Yisroel. Forget your houses eventually the goyim will get it all. Your nahala is in Israel. Or learn karate or krav megav technique, good luck.

    • Your aliyah marketing line doesn’t work so well these days, unfortunately. One is just as likely to be mugged in Israel as in Lawrence, except that mugging in Israel takes the form of stabbings and being rammed or run over by cars.

      Hashem ya’azor.


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