Two Weeks After Siyum Hashas, MetLife Stadium Names New President and CEO

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metlife-2There will be new leadership at MetLife Stadium come football season. Brad Mayne will take over as president and CEO of the stadium on September 5, reports the Associated Press.

Mayne comes to New Jersey from Dallas, where he spent 14 years as the president and CEO of the Center Operating Company. It operates the city’s American Airlines Arena and other sports venues.

Mayne has also managed sports and public facilities throughout the U.S. and Canada for Ogden Entertainment and venues in Iowa and Washington.

He replaces Mark Lamping, who left the post in February.

MetLife Stadium is home to the Giants and Jets and will host the 2014 Super Bowl. More importantly, it just hosted the largest event in its history,  the Twelfth Siyum Hashas of Daf Yomi.

MetLife stadium regularly seats about 82,566 people, but for the Siyum Hashas, the field was utilized as well, providing for an additional 10,000 seats. All 93,000 tickets for the event were sold, and the Siyum Hashas was thus be the largest event ever held at the $1.7 billion MetLife stadium.

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. They should make Rabbi Shlomo Gertzalin the new CEO! He is probably one of the most talented humans for such a job. Look what he just pulled off. HKB”H should give him Kochoes Vaiyter!

  2. how many people actually showed up to the siyum?
    we know the tickets were sold out but not every seat was taken? for some reason no one released the final number of attendees.

  3. yeah they couldn’t get enough of the jews so they fired him…… does that make any sense?????????????

    are we gonna start to get football scores as well because its happening in metlife?

  4. As big of a kiddush hashem that it was. The time management was horrible
    For the next siyum they should be strict with the speeches and you’ll have a happier crowd

  5. MetLife served its purpose in life. In can be closed now. The next siyum will be in January, the dead of winter, and an open air stadium won’t do for another 15 years — when there will iy”H be a bigger arena.


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