Tycoon Who Gave Fortune to Charities Before Suicide

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robert-wilsonA hedge fund tycoon who gave away his fortune before committing suicide this week was praised today as a “legend” who “had a passion to get things done in the world.”

Robert Wilson, 87, jumped to his death off The San Remo apartment building, a prestigious New York City address on Central Park West.

In the years before his death, he pledged to give away his entire fortune – some $800 million.

“Robert W. Wilson was a Wall Street legend who became a prominent philanthropist,” said Fred Krupp, president of the Environmental Defense Fund.

Wilson donated $100 million to the organization and challenged others to donate more, Krupp said.

Read more at ABC NEWS.

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  1. What in the world would save him from the blazes forever? I’m a bit cryptic, but I think what I’m saying can be understood very well… What charities did he give to that would save him from the oinesh for mab’at’ld? And what charities did he give to that would give him schar mitzva in the first place? I only am commenting on this story and don’t know anything about him.

  2. I never met him. I never new of him.

    When your 87 years old anything can happen to your mind. You can have Dementia, or Alzheimer’s. You can suddenly “crack” (bipolar disorder) or…….Anything can make a person do something that we may perceive as “strange”.


    Boruch Dayen H’Emes.

  3. 87 year old men who want to die do not jump off buildings. There are much nicer ways to kill yourself. However, 87 year old men who have seriously annoyed someone occasionally are thrown off tall buildings.

  4. Suicide is becoming or has become accepted as ok by most of society. Torah of course does not. Quite the contrary, if there are not extenuating circumstances as defined in halacha. We do not know what the circumstances were here.

    A website that is attempting to express the news according to torah viewpoint should not be presenting this type of story as just another interesting story.


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