Tzefas Couple Has Baby After 21 Years

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21-years-babyAaron Baleish and his wife Chaya Orah, a Lubavitch couple from the city of Tzefas, have been waiting for many years to hear a child’s laughter or cry in their home. Soon after getting married in 1988, the two went to Crown Heights.

“I was there for the month of Tishrei, and let me tell you, the Rebbe is not someone you could leave without feeling an intense connection to,” Aaron recalls.

A year later, the two traveled again to New York.

“We were becoming anxious that we still did not have children – but we didn’t panic,” he told

When the couple met the Rebbe during their visit, they asked him for a blessing for a child. The Rebbe did give them a warm blessing.

Later, the Rebbe repeated the blessing for children in a letter he sent them, and added words of comfort and faith.

“It helped us get through the hard times,” Aaron says. “But we also had moments of disappointment. We didn’t give up hope and went for a series of treatments which failed.”

When they asked the Rebbe whether to try alternative medicine, they were told to continue trying conventional means.

At gatherings in the Tzefas commuinty, the Baleish couple were often mentioned.

“People always blessed us from the depths of their heart that we should have children,” he says.

On Monday, Yud Shvat 5770, the blessings were fulfilled.

At the ages of 48 and 42, Aaron and Chaya Orah had a baby girl.

Friends said it was hard to describe the immense joy on their faces and thrill that a dream to build a Jewish family has come to life.

Aside from thanking Hashem for the wonderful miracle, the proud father asked to state: “My wife and I learned that you should never despair and never give up hope.

“Hashem’s help can come in the blink of an eye,” he concludes.

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  1. Its all nice stories, but what does it mean “A year after marriage” we became very anxious because we still didn’t have children so we went to the Rebbe….”? What did they expect?
    Is that what happens only one year after marriege

  2. Somone once came to Rav Shach and told thim that he had a girl and was making a kiddush’l. Reb Shach told him, had you waited 10 years and then had a girl, you would make a big kiddush, so now that Hashem saved you 10 years of pain shouldn’t you thank Him even more.

    Something to think about folks!

  3. There’s another unbelievable piece to this story- there’s another couple, friends of this one, that’s married the same amount of years, that had a baby the same day too!!!!

    Now that’s unbelievable!!


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