Tzefas Residents Find Fuel in Their Mikvah and Sinks


fuel-mikvah-tzefasTzefas residents filled up 4-liter plastic bags with water from a water tanker in the Cna’an neighborhood and lined them up in a row last night, preparing to bring them home and to elderly neighbors.

It’s been 3 days since the Chabad populated neighborhood is without clean water after 2,000 liters of diesel fuel was introduced into the water supply.

1,800 apartments had their water cut off after a police officer trying to make coffee complained that the liquid coming out of the tap was brown and smelled like diesel fuel.

Chabadniks and their large families living in Cna’an’s Kiryat Chabad section, which also houses a dormitory for American girls, were left dry.

“It was like living in a gas station,” said Yonatan Cohen, a resident. “Even in the Mikvah, whoever went to dip discovered he was swimming in fuel.”

The incident was caused when the driver of a diesel fuel delivery truck who was bringing fuel to the Cna’an absorption center mistakenly attached the tanker’s hose to the water intake nozzle.

“I have 5 daughters who can’t survive without a shower. The boys haven’t showered since Monday, but the girls go out of town to shower,” said Michael Dvory, a resident.

Dvory said he is worried about the weekend.

“We have cooking to do for Shabbos and if the situation is not resolved we will have to use mineral spring water for cooking,” he said.

But he said there was a feeling of Ahavas Yisroel among residents. “Baruch Hashem, people here are worrying for each other.”



  1. I am really surprised that this did not happen before!!!!

    This has the potential for a serious accident or a terrorist action to happen (G-d forbid)

    All intake pipes should be marked and fitted with special nozzels that only allow the proper liquids to enter.

    This is done at Petrol station to prevent Deisel fuel from entering gas tanks using regular Petrol.

    May Hashem protect us from our enemies and from ourselves.

  2. This story makes no sense. Diesel fuel is used for running trucks or generators and not for heating. Even if there is a mistake and it was really kerosene, how did it get into the water supply? The type of nozzle used by tankers to attach the truck’s hose to the buildings intake pipe is unique and must be screwed on. Water pipes are not like that. Something here is very strange.

  3. The problem has been partially resolved. My daughter, an American in the dorm, tells me she is allowed to shower. The municipality is providing water for drinking.


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